Dashboard Camera

Why buy a dashboard camera?

dashboard cameraA dashboard camera is becoming an essential accessory for every car, not just for policemen. The reason is simple. It’s much easier to work out who is to blame for an accident if the event is recorded, and even if your actions were to blame, having a visual record of the event  makes it easier to establish road and weather conditions at the time. This can be crucial if you need to defend yourself against accusations of careless driving. They will also give a valuable record if you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of  an incident of vandalism or road rage.

Dashboard cameras have been in use by the police force for some time. They provide useful evidence and can also be used in training. For the rest of us, they can be used in many ways – you can capture beautiful scenery, record a great trip, capture strange events for later upload to YouTube and of course protect yourself in the case of an accident, where the video recorded will give your ‘view’ of what happened.

Advantages of a dashboard camera

Clearly a record like this can be very helpful is showing that one or other driver was at fault in the case of an accident, but the view from a dashboard camera can be useful in other ways. When someone is badly injured in a car crash, dashboard camerathere can be pressure to prosecute the other party and establish that his driving was in some way negligent. The fact that the camera records what is essentially the drivers eye view can be crucial in establishing what the driver was able to see at the time, something which is very difficult to establish after the fact.

The first models cost thousands to install, but modern dash cams are far more reasonable, with many now available for well under $100. These are usually simple video cameras, but more sophisticated systems are available which will, for example, monitor both outside and inside the car, even in low light conditions. Some  even use inbuilt shock recorders to log impacts and will store all the details from multiple impact points, as well as speed, direction, location and time.

Every teenager has to learn to drive, and statistically many will be involved in an accident. Adding a camera to the car, especially one with tracking, can be very useful in this situation, not just to record what happens, or where the car goes, but to remind the driver of the task in hand. There is some suggestion that in the presence of a dashboard camera system, drivers pay just a little more attention to the road. Now that’s a potential benefit for us all.

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